Cinch vs Cazoo: Which is the Best Online Car Buying Site?

Difference between Cinch and Cazoo (Cinch vs Cazoo)

Cinch acts as a middleman connecting buyers and sellers of used cars, offering a wide selection of vehicles listed online by private individuals, while Cazoo directly purchases, reconditions, and sells its inventory of used cars, ensuring a high-quality selection with comprehensive vehicle checks and a seven-day money-back guarantee.

This article will compare Cinch vs Cazoo while exploring their business models, services, and the overall customer experience in determining where to buy your next cheap and used car.

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Introduction: Cinch and Cazoo

The automotive industry has significantly transformed in recent years with the rise of online car-buying platforms. With these platforms, customers can buy vehicles without having to visit a dealership in a hassle-free way.

Several companies are in this space, including Cinch and Cazoo, who have revolutionized the car buying process uniquely.

Overview of Cinch

The Cinch online car-buying platform is based in the United Kingdom. Cinch was launched in 2019 to simplify car buying by offering customers access to high-quality used cars at reasonable prices.

Using its website, Cinch connects buyers and sellers. The company provides various services, including vehicle searches, financing options, delivery, a comprehensive warranty, and a fourteen days money-back guarantee.

Cinch Website

Overview of Cazoo

Cazoo is another major player in the online car-buying industry in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2018, Cazoo offers a wide selection of fully reconditioned used cars to purchase online.

In contrast to Cinch, Cazoo acquires vehicles directly from various sources and reconditions them before they are listed on their platform. The company offers financing, home delivery, and a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Cazoo Website

How do Cinch and Cazoo Business Models Differ?

Cinch acts as an intermediary, connecting sellers and buyers and allowing private individuals and car dealers to sell their cars through their platform. In contrast, Cazoo purchases cars directly from various sources, taking ownership of the vehicles and handling the entire reconditioning process before listing them for sale.

Vehicle Selection and Conditioning Process for Cinch and Cazoo

Used cars are available at Cinch and Cazoo, but their methods for sourcing and reconditioning them differ. The Cinch website provides access to cars listed by private sellers, offering a wide variety of options but resulting in varying conditions.

Conversely, Cazoo carefully selects cars, buys them directly, and then undergoes a thorough reconditioning process to ensure high-quality standards are met before listing them.

Financing Options with Cinch and Cazoo

Customers benefit from financing options, so Cinch and Cazoo partner with several finance providers to offer competitive financing solutions. Through financing options, Cinch and Cazoo offer customers a seamless and seamless experience by allowing them to obtain financing directly through the platform.

This financing capability streamlines the entire process of purchasing a car. When you apply for finance to spread the cost through PCP or HP, they may ask about your address history and affordability to get you a tailored finance offer based on your creditworthiness.

For Cinch, your application is sent to a panel of third-party lenders who will complete a series of credit searches. You will usually be informed within 24 hours if your finance application has been approved or rejected.

An illustrative diagram outlining the difference between Cinch and Cazoo: Which is the Best Online Car Buying Site? Cinch vs Cazoo.

Delivery and Returns

As part of their home delivery services, Cinch and Cazoo make car buying more convenient for their customers. Using Cinch, the seller delivers the vehicle directly to the buyer. Regarding returns, Cinch provides a warranty on all vehicles sold, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cazoo takes ownership of the vehicles and handles the delivery process, which comes with an additional delivery fee, or you can collect your vehicle from an approved Cazoo centre. Customers can return a car if unsatisfied with it, thanks to Cazoo’s seven-day return policy.

Customer Experience

Cinch and Cazoo are both committed to providing a seamless and customer-friendly experience. Cinch provides detailed vehicle information, history checks, and transparent pricing.

Cazoo is known for its thorough reconditioning process, high-quality listings, and excellent customer service. The car buying process is simplified, transparent, and trustworthy in both cases.

Key Difference between Cinch and Cazoo

Business ModelActs as a middleman connecting buyers and sellers of used carsPurchases, reconditions, and sells its inventory of used cars
Vehicle SelectionWide selection listed by private sellersCarefully selected inventory after reconditioning
FinancingPartners with finance providers for financing optionsOffers in-house financing options
DeliveryDirect delivery from seller to buyer’s chosen locationHandles delivery themselves, but collection is also available
ReturnsOffers a fourteen days money-back gauranteeOffers a seven-day money-back guarantee
OwnershipFacilitates transactions between buyers and sellersOwns and sells the vehicles directly
ReconditioningVaries depending on individual sellersThorough reconditioning process before listing for sale
Customer SupportProvides customer support and assistance throughout the buying processOffers customer support and assistance for a seamless experience
Difference between Cinch and Cazoo (Cinch vs Cazoo)

Do Cinch and Cazoo offer free vehicle insurance?

Cinch offers 3 days of free drive-away insurance with Tempcover on cars under £45,000. After three days, you must arrange your vehicle insurance coverage. Similarly, Cazoo also offers a 3 days driveaway insurance from Tempcover. After the driveaway insurance ends and you decide to keep the car, you must take out a monthly or annual insurance policy.

Do Cinch and Cazoo offer additional services beyond car sales?

Cinch and Cazoo offer additional services beyond car sales to enhance the overall customer experience.

By partnering with finance providers, Cinch offers various services to facilitate car buying. Customers can spread the cost of their vehicle purchase over a longer period through their competitive finance deals.

Additionally, the company offers car delivery services, ensuring that the car purchased will be delivered to the buyer’s chosen address. Cinch also offers a comprehensive warranty, CinchCare, a paid add-on, on vehicles sold on their platform, giving customers peace of mind in addition to the default 90-day warranty.

In the same way, Cazoo offers a variety of additional services as well as car sales. Their in-house financing options allow customers to obtain financing directly through their platform. Cazoo also offers home delivery services, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free delivery experience.

The company also offers a seven-day money-back guarantee, which permits customers to return the vehicle if they are unhappy.

Cazoo offers the CazooPlan Service Plan as an add-on to ensure you have annual servicing available for your vehicle. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to cover the costs of your future services, which can be purchased for as long as three years from the vehicle purchase date.

The CazooCover is also an add-on service that can be purchased on the Cazoo website. A Cazoo car comes with a free 90-day warranty. But if you want to stay protected longer than 90 days, Cazoo can offer a 4-year Extended Warranty for eligible cars.

Where do Cinch and Cazoo get their cars from?

Cinch acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, allowing private individuals and car dealers in the UK to list their cars for sale on their platform. As a result, the cars available on Cinch come from private sellers who have decided to sell their vehicles.

This approach offers many options but may result in varying vehicle conditions and histories. Cinch checks the listed cars to provide transparency and ensure buyers have access to relevant information.

In contrast, Cazoo follows a different approach. They directly purchase cars from various sources, such as auctions, dealerships, and fleet companies. This allows Cazoo to have more control over the quality and condition of the vehicles they sell.

Once acquired, Cazoo subjects the cars to a thorough reconditioning process, ensuring they meet high-quality standards before being listed on their platform.

Can I negotiate the price of a vehicle on Cinch or Cazoo?

When it comes to negotiating the price of a vehicle, Cinch and Cazoo have different approaches.

As an online platform connecting buyers and private sellers, Cinch allows negotiation as the buyer and seller determine the final price. Private sellers on Cinch may be open to negotiating the price, allowing buyers to engage in discussions to reach a mutually agreeable amount.

On the other hand, Cazoo, which directly purchases and sells its inventory, typically operates with fixed prices. The listed price on Cazoo’s platform is generally non-negotiable, as it reflects the value assigned by the company after considering factors such as reconditioning, market value, mileage and other relevant factors.


Cinch and Cazoo are two leading online car-buying platforms that have revolutionized how people purchase vehicles. While Cinch operates as a middleman, connecting buyers and sellers, Cazoo takes ownership of the vehicles and handles the entire reconditioning process.

Cinch offers access to a wide range of used cars listed by private sellers, while Cazoo carefully selects and reconditions its inventory. Both platforms offer financing options and home delivery, focusing on providing a seamless customer experience.

Ultimately, the choice between Cinch and Cazoo depends on individual preferences, priorities, car availability and the desired car-buying experience.

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